How an Attraction Marketing Video Has Gained Over 2 Million Hits And Counting

Attraction MarketingI stumbled across this video today by accident and I couldn’t believe how effective it was. I am somebody’s target market and they know how to get their message through to me. Awesome! Check out the video and then we will discuss how and why their approach works.

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How an Attraction Marketing Video Has Gained Over 2 Million Hits And Counting

I write often about the principles of attraction marketing and how it is an essential skill to master for online marketing. I wanted to show this video to demonstrate how the same techniques are effectively applied to mainstream marketing as well.

Watch this:

Pretty cool eh?!

I was watching a video about this crazy boomerang guy when I stumbled across this one.

“Precision boomerang throwing”, that sounds like something I’d be interested in…so I pressed play!

Little did I know that I was willingly watching a Seoul tourism promotion!

I didn’t mind it one bit…clearly it is a targeted video and I fit their demographic.

I love the fact that I was able to see it from the perspective of somebody who writes targeted content.

My hat goes off to the marketing team who created this video!

 Great video Adam, but how can this help ME attract more business?

Really? I’m glad you asked!

Do as they did:

  • Define your target market and design your content to match
  • Lead with something of value that your readers will enjoy
  • Next deliver your message
  • Finish with a call to action

Congratulations you now know how to create content that will attract business.

That’s what attraction marketing is all about.

Chasing people is a waste of time in most cases, unless you are trying to chase them away, in which case you’ll likely be successful.

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